Nora CICU Day 6

It is absolutely mind-boggling to think that we’ve been in the hospital for a full week now. Each day, Nora is making improvements.

“Is it time to go home yet?”

I ventured back home to take care of odds and ends and to spend some time with the Big Kids. Of course, at such a time, when I couldn’t be more anxious to get home, the highway was closed. Thank goodness for the the good old fashioned ferry!


I arrived home before the kids were home and spent the time changing bed linens, doing laundry, and got a REAL shower!! Life’s simple pleasures!!!!

I parked my car in the garage so the kids would be surprised when they walked in! It felt so good to squeeze them and hang out with them!


After dinner we played LIFE (haha… If only the real thing were that stinking simple!!!!)


And then we drew pictures to hang up in Norn’s crib ~


How nice it was to tuck them in to bed!


I got these series of pictures texted to me from the Greatest Daddy in the Universe ~


These sweet smiles alleviated any misgivings I had about being away from her.



Today was a good day. There were still some rogue fevers that showed up uninvited, but they weren’t anything astronomical. Her X-rays continue to show improvement and the doctors are very pleased with her progression. I loved to hear that she was squealing from her crib during rounds! She’s such a rock star – lead squealer in God’s great band! The oxygen weaning is still in the works, but we’re confident she’ll get back down to a “reasonable” level before long. Her little lungs took quite a hit and need some extra time to recover.

God’s mighty love abounds!

(I’m so thrilled and excited to see all of the hearts everyone is finding and sending to us!!!)


Goodnight from my own bed because I am incredibly blessed!!!!! Thank you, Amy!!!!!

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
(Isaiah 41:10 NIV)

YES. HE. HAS!!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Nora CICU Day 6

  1. So glad she is feeling better! Love the daddy and “ME” pictures! Of course all the others too! 🙂 Continued prayers!

  2. So glad she is feeling better! Love the pictures! You have some wonderful kids there!!! Sending lots of thoughts and prayers!!

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