Nora CICU Day 7 and 8

Overall Tuesday was a good day. I had a restful previous night of sleep in my own bed. There were no emergencies that required my attention back at the hospital and I had the pleasure of seeing the Big Kids off to school.


We even walked up to the bus stop together. I can’t usually do that unless the weather is warm enough to bring Nora with us.

I joyously did the laundry, changed the bed linens, paid some bills and went to the grocery store. I noticed that my favorite cashier was there. He is a young guy that always brightens my day. He has such a sweet demeanor. He has absolutely no qualms about discussing his faith and his great love for Jesus. I’ve had some spirit boosting conversations with him in the past. As I placed the orange juice and cat food up on the conveyor belt I told him about Nora. I asked if he could please remember her in his prayers. He assured me that he would and then perhaps sensing the urgency in my cracking voice took my hands in his, bowed his head and prayed the most beautiful heartfelt prayer right then and there in the checkout lane. So what about what anyone watching might think. This was the cue for my tear ducts to go on autoflow and I found myself plucking salt deposits off the tips of my eyelashes later in the day.

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
(Matthew 18:19-20)

… even in the checkout lane.

A few last lingering moments back at home, I filled up the bird feeders and tossed out a lone remaining piece of bread for my bird friends. Three tufted titmice reminded me that every little thing is going to be all right as they stopped by for pecks of the bread.

(The third had already made his way down to the feeder)

Shortly after I got back to the hospital, Nora’s oral feeds were given the green light to resume!!!! She saw that bottle and locked her little radar in on it. Her mouth starts moving before the bottle is even in her mouth! Cutest thing ever!!!

“Diiiiissss is what I liiiike!!!!”



I also came back to a delicious tin of cookies! A heart-shaped chocolate chip! Thank you so much, Nila!


After the milks and cookies I decorated Nora’s crib with love notes from home to add to the already beautiful collection of e-cards and paintings from our sweet, sweet friends.

Three good luck origami cranes strung up using a spool of thread from my Grandma’s old sewing kit.



“My famleee n frenz loves me!”


William went home to spend time with the Big Kids that evening, and it was his turn for a night of rest in a real bed!

Daddy and his beautiful ballerina ~


Daddy and his big mint eating buddy ~


Meanwhile back in the hospital, Kate R. came to love on Norns for the night.


I attempted to get some sleep in one of the parent rooms, which ordinarily hadn’t been an issue in previous nights. Unfortunately the people next to me were up the entire night long SLAMMING doors at every possible opportunity. I wanted so badly to launch into an aggressive drum solo on the metal lid of the linen bin outside of their room at 5:45 this morning, but restrained myself… scowling at the luggage under my eyes while I brushed my teeth…

And so began Wednesday. If slamming doors is all I have to complain about, it’s a good day!


  • Oxygen is down to 1 1/2 liters at 100% O2.
  • Lungs are sounding extraordinarily clear.
  • Oral feeds are continuing with exceeding enthusiasm!
  • Doctors are confident that Nora should be back to the main floor hopefully by Thursday.

  • The setback is still the fevers. This last one just clocked in at 103°. All of the blood cultures and urinalysis’s are coming back negative. My other thoughts were wondering about her ears. However, in corresponding with Dr. E (Nora’s wonderful ENT) he didn’t seem to think fevers this high would be associated with an ear infection. Also, during rounds this evening it was suggested that the 2 courses of antibiotics that Nora was on would have eliminated any ear infections. We did bring up the possibility of the fevers being caused by a fungal infection or perhaps an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. While possible, it is not as likely as just simply being related to the virus – the hMPV specifically. These fevers can last for weeks and are usually the last symptom to be alleviated. The healing progression starts with the oxygen saturations, then the lungs will clear up, then the fevers will end. We’ve got ✔️ checks next to the first two! That’s progress!

    The tranquil descent of snowflakes through the Venetian blinds sent forth a cozy invitation for a nap ~



    Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.
    (1 Chronicles 16:34 NIV)



    8 thoughts on “Nora CICU Day 7 and 8

    1. So you know I HAD to click on your link about slamming doors and read that “it can take a lifetime to master closing a door quietly…” To that I say, you are hosed if you end up bunking next to that person again!! He can’t help it, that’s all! 🙂
      Keep progressing, Nora! I’d love to spend the night on your cozy couch next time. XOXO…prayers for more good things today!


    2. As always, I’m inspired by your writing and my heart is filled with joy at your never-ending hope-filled faithfulness. You ARE an inspiration, Aleisa, and a disciple with whom God is surely pleased. PRAYERS and love,

    3. Thanks for the update. I pray for you all and especially your sweet little one. Sounds like the fevers are not unexpected but I pray they go away soon!

    4. This sweet picture of you and William on either side of Nora, with ther tubes, and monitors, brought tears to my eyes, because it is such a beautiful picture of love. It also reminded me of how God takes that same position with us. You hem me in behind and before, you lay your hand upon me (Psalm 139:5). Whenever I see pictures of Nora, or you, William, Gavin, or Greta, I lay my hands upon the screen and pray over you. Though the pictures are still, I know the life of the Holy Spirit is pumping through each one of you. Be blessed today Alesia, so many are praying for you. Give kisses to Nora for all of us out here in Facebookland, whom she has touched by her life, her story, her spirit, her fight, her smile, and her happiness with baffs, bubbles, milkies.

    5. Nora, I was one of the nurses that cared for you when you were born. You have been in my prayers all this time. I have had extra ones this past week. I am so glad you are feeling better and hope yoy can get to go home soon and play in the snow with your family. God bless you and all around you for all the care you have gotten.

    6. The image of you and a young gentleman cashier praying in the checkout lane is quite the beautiful picture. Love that last picture!

    7. I came across your blog a little over a week ago and I immediately fell in love with your Nora. How blessed you are to have such a choice spirit of one of our Heavenly Father’s children in your arms. She is indeed special. I grew up in Northern Kentucky, but am currently raising a family in Utah. I’m sending my prayers and tears home to you from out west.

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