Day 12 – Shared Sorrow

I am so deeply moved by the outpouring of love from my family and friends over these past days.  My husband was first on the scene, the first one I clung to, the one who held me up when I felt like I couldn’t stand on my own two feet.  Then came my Mom, my sister, my Dad — dropping what ever it was that they were doing to be by our sides.  To help us break the news to our kids, to help us make sense of the broken shards we were in the midst of, just to simply be there when we needed them most.

I’m so touched by my friends and family that showed up bringing food, offering to take my kids out for awhile, lending shoulders to cry on, even just stopping by to see how I’m doing.  The BEAUTIFUL flowers, the dinners, the chocolate covered strawberries, the cards, the books, the e-mails, the text messages, the voicemails, the prayers, the masses being said on our behalf, and even the Facebook posts and comments. It is awe inspiring to know that there are people praying for us who I do not even know.

During a toast at my wedding, my Dad mentioned a quote he had once heard, “Shared happiness is twice the joy, and shared sorrow is half the pain.”  That is most definitely true as it pertains to my husband and myself, but through your willingness to share in our sorrow, you have generously lightened our load.  Someday when we see the beauty that is to come, I can’t wait to share that joy with you too.

I want each of you to know how much you mean to me and that your prayers are not in vain.  I can assuredly feel God’s comfort and peace surrounding me right now like I never have before.  Just 12 days ago, I thought I would never ever smile again, and wondered how life could possibly go on.  Joy has been brought back into my life and for that I am so thankful.

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