Day 11 – Bible Study

I’m glad I went to Bible Study today.  I’d have liked to have climbed back in bed, but my desire to be around these amazing women of faith was stronger.  I felt emotionally fragile on my way there and was worried that I’d break down crying once I saw everyone.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, many of the tears I cry are not out of sadness or self-pity, but instead they are tears of awe and relief that I have so many people who care about me and who are praying for and with me.  It stirs up an emotion in me that causes me to well up in tears. I am blessed, amazed, and inspired by those who are dealing with their own painful grief, yet manage to find the space in their broken hearts to reach out to me and take on my sorrow in addition to their own.  I am so blessed by these many acts of love.

2 thoughts on “Day 11 – Bible Study

  1. Same here. I am enjoying following your journey through this. I can relate to everything written so far. This is awesome and so on time!

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