Day 10 – Sweet Dreams

On his way down the steps at 6:15 this morning, William overheard Greta loudly giggling in her bedroom.  I heard it from ours and wondered HOW she was up already??!! That little girl would sleep until 10 every day if we let her.  William peeked in on her and saw that she was still asleep.  She must be dreaming – sleep giggling.  He kissed and loved on the kids before leaving for work, just as he always does.  When he kissed Greta, she opened her eyes and looked at him with a smile on her face.  He asked if she had been dreaming.  She said she had, so he asked her what it was about.  She said, “It was about you and Mommy.  And you were feeding a baby! And I was playing with Gavin.”  William asked her if the baby in her dream was a boy or a girl.  “A girl,” she responded.

We still don’t know if this sweet baby is a boy or a girl, but we hope that Greta’s dream holds true and that we WILL get to spend some time on earth with this little girl (or boy).  What a sweet message from heaven that was sent at PRECISELY the right time, just as William was on his way to her room.

9 thoughts on “Day 10 – Sweet Dreams

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  3. I hope that one day, when it feels right, you choose to publish this. I am so few days into the blog, and already knowing where you are today, this is absolute Divinity! God has absolutely chosen you…your words offer hope and the eloquence with which you write…only one gifted by God could write the way you do :0) I’m so blessed to have stumbled upon your blog. Without a doubt, Nora is a gift to you, but even more certainly, you are a gift to her.

  4. Im going back and reading ur blog as I just joined when nora was born! This is amazing greta recieved a vision from God!! Pretty awesome!!

  5. I didn’t start following your blog until a few months after Nora was born. Reading back to this post brought laughter from my mouth and tears from my eyes. Thank you, Greta. Hope you feel better sweet girl!

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