Hospital – Day 8

The previous night was blissfully uneventful, but the anticipation of today’s events loomed restlessly near.


The first item up for order was the placement of a second PICC line.


In a delirious haze of sleep deprivation I all but slept walked to the parent sleep room this morning. As no amount of pacing and worrying was going to make the PICC line placement go any smoother, I succumbed to my exhaustion. Dreams of running through road construction in a wet ball gown plagued my head.

When I awoke there were murmurs about the extubation. Blood was drawn, levels were checked, and numbers were monitored. The sky scraper of IV pumps intermittently vied for attention, and a certain baby slept. So we watched, and we waited, and we prayed, and we ate Cheez-Its, and we had cookies and milk, and we did crossword and sudoku puzzles, and watched and waited and prayed. Nora finally woke up around 3:00 and satisfied the observing doctors and nurses that she was interested in staying awake. The decision to begin extubation was initiated. We held our breath as each of Nora’s breaths were closely monitored from every angle.


The tube was carefully untaped from her soft angry face and then removed. The initial attempt of transferring her to the bipap machine was unsuccessful. They were not able to get a good seal with the mask because of the NJ tube (the feeding tube that goes through her nose, bypassing her stomach and directly into her intestines). A quick decision was made to forego the bipap and go directly to the high flow nasal cannula. It was nice to have her little face uncovered for a few minutes, but ultimately that decision was rescinded. Her levels were all okay for the moment, but she wasn’t getting the adequate pressures in her lungs. Inevitably their condition would have deteriorated over the hours and she would have ended up being intubated again. The second attempt with the bipap mask was successful. William made the suggestion of tucking the NJ tube up into the mask, which moments later was also suggested by my sister via text. It worked! Through the evening Nora’s levels have remained stable and the doctors are all pleased with the transition. The doctor reported this evening that her lungs sound so much better than they did earlier. There was a lot of junk in her lungs associated with the intubation. Most of it seems to have been cleared with suctioning and on her own. Praise be to God!!

Meanwhile back in our other world ~

Gavin and Greta enjoyed part of their weekend with their cousins. They went to church and then spent the night with Aunt Sarah & Co.


Gavin is sometimes the odd man out because he’s the boy. Keira is sometimes the odd gal out because she’s younger. They’ve developed such a sweet bond through their mutual ostracism.


Waffles all up in the hizouse!


Gently down the pond…


I’m so thankful for our Kelly and for everyone who is seeing to our other kids through this time. It is so incredibly hard to have our lives split in half like this. We want nothing more than to all be together again. The brief visits home are few and far between right now. Gavin and Greta understand for the most part, but as Greta explained to me in tears over the phone tonight, she can’t help it that she misses us. This has been another true lesson in patience and endurance for ALL of us. I reminded her to stay focused on everything that is GOOD right now instead of thinking about all of the ways she wishes it was different. If we think about all of the bad things and how WE think things are “supposed to be” we will drive ourselves crazy.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
(Philippians 4:6)

2 thoughts on “Hospital – Day 8

  1. Nora is so blessed to not only have amazing parents but awesome siblings, too. We are praying so hard for all of you. I know Nora will be home enjoying her baths very soon!

  2. I wish I could hug you. Although our circumstances are different, my heart aches for you bc I know what’s it’s like to be separated as a family. I know what it’s like to have two lives. We’ve been apart 118 days now. My youngest is ill and m other two are 5 and 3 (next week) it’s the most difficult part of this ordeal. I understand and am sorry……

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