Hospital – Day 7

And a week went by just like that in the very blink of an eye. Happy birthday to my Dad today! I love you!


The placid calm of the night was contained only to our room. I drifted off to sleep watching an unusual hum of activity through the glass doors. It wasn’t until I awoke two hours later that the desolate realization hit me. The room that had remained reverently dark and quiet since we arrived was brightly lit, vacant. A family had said goodbye to their 6 month old baby girl. “Our hearts are broken, but Ava’s is now whole…” her Facebook page explained. I got out of my makeshift bed and kissed Nora’s head, tears welled up in my eyes. “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” my troubled heart petitioned. Unimaginable loss. It wasn’t fair. I fell back asleep with a hollow pit in my gut, praying for God’s peace to engulf this family. Fly high, little Ava!


Nora had a good day today. The doctor placed an arterial line in her wrist without complications to phase out the femoral line. The plan is to place another PICC line tomorrow morning and then extubate her depending on how she does through the night!! Things are all pointing in the right direction for her. Thank you, God!!!

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.
(Psalm 31:24)

8 thoughts on “Hospital – Day 7

  1. My prayers and deepest sympathy are with you and the family that let their darling daughter return to Jesus. I am praying that the extinction is a huge success and home is just around the corner. My love and prayers for you all. God be their rock.

  2. I have never met you, but saw your blog shortly after your daughter was born and read it from time to time. I was surprised to see that Ava was included in one of your posts. I know her mother from years ago, and had been following Ava’s posts. Seeing this post that included her death just surprised me. It just gave me an odd feeling. Kind of sad, but kind of connected to Nora’s story in a way that I wasn’t before. Praying things go well for your daughter.

  3. I’ve spent the past several days reading your blog… Going back and forth from the beginning to the more recent entries. I wasnt prepared for this one. Thank you guys for praying for us and our sweet Ava. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet you both. Such an amazing couple so full of unimaginable faith. Know that your faith throughout Nora’s journey has been an inspiration to me. I’m not there yet, but my faith is being restored one day at a time. Oh how I wish that both of our babies stories would have had different outcomes, but trying to remind myself that neither one will ever experience any more pain. No more surgeries, no more intubations, no more oxygen. New and perfect bodies. Holding tight to the knowledge that we will both hold our beautiful girls again some day.
    Love and prayers

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