Good Ship Lollipop

I had so many pictures and tidbits from the last few weeks that the previous blog post was starting to resemble a big giant endless run-on sentence. I figured I would afford our dear readers the opportunity to take a stretch, visit the concession stand, etc.

(“Gone With the Windies”)

And now the second half ~

Last week Greta had an assignment due which required her to research a public figure in the arts or politics, past or present. She then had to give a presentation dressed as that figure. Greta chose Shirley Temple. I found out Tuesday morning that my (and now Greta’s) beloved childhood star had passed away at age 85. I was a little worried about breaking the news to her. After I told Greta that Shirley had passed away she was momentarily saddened, but her face lit up as she commented, “Yeah, but I’m SURE she’s in a much better place now.” Wise beyond her years!

In tribute to Shirley, here is Greta:


We rolled her damp hair in foam rollers the night before. Aunt Sarah’s old dirndl dress seemed “Heidi-esque” and served as the perfect costume.


The parents got to come up to see all the kids give their presentations in the “wax museum”. Greta was very nervous, but did AWESOME!! I was so proud of her!



All of the kids did such a great job! It was obvious that a lot of hard work and practice went in to their projects!

More hearts around the house ~

Cheese heart


Cinnamon toast heart


SWEET heart


The little sweet heart looks so pretty trying on some of her new outfits ~



Oh, but wait! She went and got herself all tired.


And now she’s back. Her sister loves her! She knows it too.


Green bean heart “accidentally” dropped on the table ~


“All deez hearts! We sure feel loved!”


“An my brudder loves me so much too!”


The kids and I went for a freezing cold walk along the river to expend some snow day energy after being pent up in the house for days on end. For the most part I was too cold and agitated with miscellanies to bother with pictures, but I couldn’t let this one go uncaptured ~


This past Tuesday Nora got to pay a visit to Redwood School and Rehabilitation Center to try out some new seating options. Here she is in the Ladybug chair which was especially adorable!



Unfortunately Norns neglected to bring her patience and manners with her and wasn’t very cooperative for the rest of the visit. I think we figured something out for her though!

In the mean time Nora enjoys hanging out in her Bumbo with her sister.


And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
(1 Corinthians 13:13 NIV)


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