Home Sweet Home

I was so anxious to get home from the hospital and to re-establish our routines. However, it seems as though the Big Kids have been out of school on snow days more often than they’ve been back.

Thennnn to top it all off Our Kelly ditched us for the sunny warmth of Florida for 3 weeks to visit her Mom, and to make us writhe with jealousy!!! We miss you, Kelkell!!!!!

I am excited and happy to report that Nora has been getting along fabulously since she’s been home. She’s back down to her regular flow of oxygen with only an occasional need to adjust it while she’s asleep.

“Oh, hi! I’m so sorry to have worried everyones! I’m all bettered now! An I’m excited to have my brudder n sister home wiff me all deez days!”


“Boop boop dee doop! … Mommy was trying to give me a Downton Abby hairstyle. I tink I looked like Betty Boop!”


“Wait till you see what I got coming in – in my mouf!”


Gavin went to work with his Dad, so Greta and I headed off to Color Me Mine to paint some pottery. Norns was safe and warm at home with her nurse!


We heart painting!


Can you believe all of the cardinals?! They’re so beautiful against the stark contrast of the dismal winter sky and branches.



Coffee heart


Nora loves her piggy!


Nora woke up extra early. We decided it would be best to watch the sun rise from the warmth of the baff since it was way below zero outside!


“Dis is what I lyke!!!”


We smile over spilled milk.


This baby has lost her marbles!


And she’s extraordinarily chewy!


Birds Three ~


Our indoor snow angel looking out at the cold ~


We heart cookies!



The Big Kids took advantage of a warmer day to explore the snow covered woods. I never imagined we would ever consider 38° as “warm”!! I was able to keep an occasional eye on them from the upstairs windows:


I decided to save the dirty dishes and vacuuming for later and headed out to join them. My stealthy footsteps and subpar coyote impression were met with an exasperated, “Mommmmyyyyy.”

The woods were so quiet but for the crunch of the icy snow beneath my boots and a couple of little voices conspiring on how they were going to build their snow shelter.


A frigid rivulet of water trickled through the ice.


And an undisturbed fleece of snow outfitted the slumbering branches.




Their primeval instincts of survival transmuted into play. If I didn’t have a 90 degree hill to climb back up I would have got some old blankets and some Cheez-its and bottled waters to “sustain” us! (Better planning next time!)


I don’t so much care for the cold of winter, but when I am willing and able to look past the immediate discomfort of it, I do notice the beauty of this least favorite season. The same could be said for my own seasons of life. The hearts still exist whether I bother to notice or not.




Meanwhile, back inside and on a different day altogether… Nora thinks Daddy is completely hilarious ~


Sister is pretty funny too!







“Ummmm… I have sumpteen bery important to announce.”


“TA DAAAA!!! I hereby announce the celebrated appearance of my top toof!”


“I guess dat makes me a pretty big girl!”


But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.
(Romans 8:25)

5 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. LOL, a warmer day 38F !!.
    So Kelkel has headed for FL in the middle of the winter as a very clever snowbird !!.
    I guessed the school must have closed many days , ahem ahem, what a pity.
    These 2 must LOVE snow days. Hope teachers are not paid per hour worked or they’ll be broke by the end of the winter.
    Big kiss to the 3 musketeers !!.

  2. Loved this post Aleisa! I am a frequent reader/prayer/FB friend but don’t comment very often. SO HAPPY Nora is all recovered! That new video…precious! Loved the snowy pics outside with the big kids and your words…especially this quote “I don’t so much care for the cold of winter, but when I am willing and able to look past the immediate discomfort of it, I do notice the beauty of this least favorite season. The same could be said for my own seasons of life. The hearts still exist whether I bother to notice or not.” It has been on repeat in my head and heart all day. Love it’s truth. Thank you for being a most faithful example of “looking for the hearts” even when…especially when, it’s hardest. You and yours are loved!

  3. I too have followed your story and it has been a while since I’ve checked in, I was so moved to see her beautiful pictures and to see how she has grown! Thank you for posting!! Continued blessings for beautiful Nora and your family!

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