Nora CICU Day 4

The view from Nora’s room of the front entrance. The circle of flags represent some of the countries that patients have come from to receive care. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Qatar, Mexico, Kuwait, Dominican Republic, United Arab Emirates and Russia…. Etc.


And we pretty much just drove down the street. That, to me, is absolutely crazy. Could we be any more blessed?

From one person God created every human nation to live on the whole earth, having determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands. God made the nations so they would seek him, perhaps even reach out to him and find him. In fact, God isn’t far away from any of us.
(Acts 17:26, 27)

We had a decent day today. Nora’s oxygen saturation became a bit of a concern early this morning. She had had a great night without any events or desatting, so we were slow to recognize that it had much to do with her open-mouth-breathing while she was asleep. The face mask ended up being the fix all, but she is still on an increased amount of oxygen. Weaning has not taken place as planned.

There is a bit of a concern over this morning’s latest X-ray. Her left lung looks to be a little more cloudy than the day before indicating more fluid or pneumonia. However, her temperature has stayed at a normal level and she’s been in great spirits.

We even got to pick her up today!! It felt so good to hold this real big girl in our arms!!!!!!!!



Then Nora sat up in her Bumbo for almost 2 hours!!!!! She listened to some sweet Pandora songs and watched some Baby Einstein. At one point our nurse peeked her head in to ask, “Was that her???” after a raucous bout of squealing!! Ohhhh what a sweet sound those squeals are!!!


The Big Kids are with Nana & Papa this weekend. They were absolutely fascinated by the workings of an ancient artifact this afternoon ~


Letters from home ~



Goodnight sweet baby!!!


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
(Matthew 11:28 NIV)

5 thoughts on “Nora CICU Day 4

  1. Ahhhh glad you got to hold her-that’s the best news. Hope the xrays look better tomorrow. Yes, we do have the BEST Childrens hospital. People travel from everywhere to come here. The Ronald Mcdonald house is the best also:) They have a map w/ flags from every city, state, country etc…where people have come to stay from. Prayers from Westchester Ohio

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