Happy Baby is Back!!!

It is with great honor and pleasure that we announce the resurfacing of HAPPY BABY!!!

“It’s HAPPY time!!!”
Wednesday morning was a little difficult. But after our morning jog and a couple of naps and some milks things started finally looking up!
Nora took some good naps with her sitter nearby and I was able to do some painting!

A few weeks ago Greta and I collected some bird- and heart-shaped rocks from down at the creek. We set up a spot for painting in the basement on an extra wide window sill – great lighting and great view! This is something fun and relaxing we’ve been able to do together while listening to music (or Gavin practice the drums).
I sat here today for a couple of hours painting birds on rocks and watching the ones outside who graciously and unknowingly acted as subject models.
I spied a downy woodpecker nest in the hole of a dead tree. With the binoculars I can hear and see noisy little baby bird heads peeking out!
I’m so thankful and appreciative of these moments. I feel like I can really enjoy them when my little Miss is happy and healthy!

As we were going through the mail that evening we encountered a bit of a dilemma.
“Ayyy! Would somebody get me a letter opener already???”
Even the setting sun celebrated the return of Happy Baby!

From the rising of the sun to the place where it sets, the name of the Lord is to be praised.
(Psalm 113:3 NIV)

4 thoughts on “Happy Baby is Back!!!

  1. Happy Happy Happy that NorNor is Happy! I want to share this youtube video with you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBdWbYakqGo
    I call this gal the Poop Lady! She is so cool, once you get past the fact that she’s talking about Poop! ; ) In this video, she shows a gentle tummy massage that helps with gas pains! And, it also gets things “moving”. I think it will be helpful for our sweet girl! Do it after Baffs! Wouldn’t want any surprises in the tub with you girls.
    I love love love the rock-birds! Would Nora like to send one to her Aunt Jo? teasing…sorta. I love you ALL!

  2. So Amazing….love …love the bird rocks!!!! So very glad Nora is better!!! Our GOD is an awesome GOD!!!! 🙂

  3. Oh Alesia, I am so happy for all of you!! Nora, I am so glad that you are feeling happier and better! A fever and an upset tummy are no fun!! It’s so wonderful to see you smiling again. You have all been in my prayers and God as always heard all the prayers and answered them. Alesia the birds that you painted are beautiful!! You have been blessed in so many ways. Take care and know that many people love all of you! Miss Nora has invited all of us in , as a large very loving, extended family.
    Much love,
    Jamie Guy(frend of Kate R)

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