Children are a heritage from the Lord,
offspring a reward from him. (Psalm 127:3 NIV)

Nora certainly is a reward. Just not sure what I did to deserve her!  🙂

17 thoughts on “Nora – FIVE WEEKS OLD!!

  1. You did not have to do anything more than just be the beautiful person you are. She really is a blessing to so many. I love these pictures. I cannot believe Nora Rose is already 5 weeks old. Praise God for his many blessings. She looks so bright and cheerful today. I feel so close to your family, and I have never met you, but that makes no difference, because I get to see every day how little Nora Rose is doing. Now since I got to see her pictures for the day, I am happy, and can call it a day. Good night, and God Bless.

  2. Aleisa, it’s because God knew you would be the mother that Nora needed, that’s why.

    Happy 5 weeks Nora!

    Hugs. And. Prayers from our home in Houston.


  3. You deserve her because you had the faith and courage to have her! Thank you for sharing this journey. You are not alone. We are praying for you every step of the way!

  4. She is just so beautiful–I look forward to your post in my inbox everyday! You have been blessed with an angel! 😉

  5. Just stopping in for my “NORA FIX” And you deserve her because God chose you to have her ! He knew you were the right one to be her mommy !

  6. Seeing pics of lil miss Nora Rose is a great way to start my morning while drinking my coffee. She is such a cutie- especially in that tutu 🙂 You are an amazing mama and we are all blessed that you are sharing your story with all of us.

  7. How precious is that baby girl!! She send tears of inspiration to my eyes EVERY time I see a picture of her. 🙂 Praying for you and your amazing family Baby Nora!

  8. What a beautiful baby! Nothing brightens my day more then to see her little face and those precious lips. Thank you so much for having the courage and faith in God to carry little Nora, and to share her with all of us. Your family and our wonderful little Nora, are truly a gift from God. We are with you in your journey, praying for all of you every step of the way.

  9. Darling little ballerina ! The scripture following the one you quoted is our family “motto” (and my email address!) …How blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them 🙂 much love and prayers for you and Nora today. oxox

  10. such a big girl already – 5 weeks old. These weeks have been a real blessing to me and so many others. I love the picture with her in her littlt tutu. She is beginning to fill out so nicely.

  11. She is the most precious baby girl! Thank you for having so much faith andcourage to show her off to the whole world. I love to see you beautiful posts everyday 🙂 Prayers for your family.

  12. God chose you. You will help Nora reach the goals He has set for her. I saw my baby granddaughter Kate Laurence today .
    She was born the day after Nora, in Bethesda north. I think of you each time I see her.

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