Nora – 23 Days Old

Today I was poking around on my blog from my laptop, trying to learn a little bit more about the settings and features, etc. Usually I access everything from my phone which grants me access to very minimal and basic information. I discovered the stat feature of my blog which gives very detailed information about how many visits my blog gets and what parts of the world are viewing it. What I unearthed this afternoon took my breath away. I had to double check that it was actually iwillcarryyou’s stats that I was looking at. At 23 days old, this seemingly powerless little baby has made an incredible impact on thousands and thousands!!

I knew of some of the countries from some of your amazing comments. I was keyed up about the list of 10 countries I knew about. That wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

I couldn’t even read this list over the phone to my mother without getting choked up:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, India, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Denmark, Malaysia, Israel, Mexico, Finland, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Brazil, Ukraine, Hungary, Cayman Islands, El Salvador, Norway, Jordan, Chile, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Iceland, Estonia, Netherlands Antilles, Austria, Cambodia, Russian Federation, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Thailand, Portugal, Lebanon, Argentina, Honduras, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Nigeria, Jamaica, Greece, Morocco, Romania, Aruba, Sudan, Albania, Lithuania, Bahamas, Suriname, Qatar, Iraq, United Republic of Tanzania, Bulgaria, Puerto Rico, Egypt, Kuwait, Cameroon, Bahrain, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Swaziland, Slovenia, Latvia, Guatemala, Guam, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Venezuela, Panama, Macedonia, Bangladesh, Uruguay, Croatia, Botswana, Georgia, Turkey, Niger, Peru, Ecuador, Viet Nam, British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Rwanda, Moldova, Trinidad and Tobago

Accompanying this list is a map of the world. The red and orange indicate countries that have viewed:


Nora Rose has almost lit up the entire world – a little prophet to the nations!! And she has no idea because she’s just too busy sleeping, hiccuping, being cute and taking little baths! I am in awe of this beautiful tiny life, and so incredibly HONORED that God chose US to be her parents. She’s too much of a blessing to keep all to ourselves – we HAVE to share her sweetness:





She likes to watch the angels


Nora's favorite place to be



“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.Β  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.Β  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” (Matthew 5:14-16 NIV)

54 thoughts on “Nora – 23 Days Old

  1. As my 8 year old son & I were looking at these pictures a few minutes ago he said, “Mom, she looks like a little angel.” I told him he was exactly right. She is a very precious angel that God sent to a very special family. He then told me that he thought she was the most beautiful baby he had ever seen. I whole heartedly agree.

  2. Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart! Thank you for blessing me with your testimony.

  3. I am so honored to be one of the people that is watching this little Angel. Thank you so much for sharing her with the entire world. God Bless!

  4. Through Nora’s birth story and your steadfast faith, Gods grace has impacted thousands and thousands of people….wow. I continue to be amazed by this sweet little life you lovingly brought into this world. I love you, Lis! Sweet dreams!

  5. I didn’t see TX on the list….ya’ll know WE are the LONE STAR STATE :)… I love this! I love Nora, and I love Wm, YOU, Gavin and Greta. Keep preachin’, sister! The world is listening!

  6. I have shared your link and your sweet baby with all my friends (on Facebook) from around the world. πŸ™‚ I just love checking in on her every day. It is a joy. Thank you again for sharing!

  7. First time I’ve posted but I’ve been following your story since Ambassador Nora was just a few days old. She is a beautiful little baby and her story, her photos and her LIFE are one of the most powerful and beautifully written testaments on faith and love that I have ever encountered. Each night my 2.5 year old concludes her nightly prayers with a “God bwess baby Nora”. Your family’s strength is staggering and inspires me everyday to be a better mother and human being. Good night and God Bless!

  8. God works in mysterious ways. Your family was chosen because God knew that you would choose life. Nora Rose has been sent to touch so many lives. Your family continues to be in my daily prayers. As always, thank you for sharing Nora Rose with all of us. We all have been blessed by this beautiful angel.

  9. Your Nora is truly a gift from God! Your story is truly touching and God knew what he was doing when he sent you Nora to take care of. You love for her is evident. I read your blog tonight from the beginning and I have been in tear a number of times. The strenght you have shown is awesome. God Bless your family and may the peace of the Lord be with you.


  11. I showed this to my husband, immediately said “the sun doesn’t set on Nora Rose”! She is light to the nations, and we are so thankful that you have shared her and your story!

  12. I am sitting here literally sobbing! Tears of joy! We love you Nora Rose (and the rest of your AMAZING family too!)

  13. She has indeed lit up the world! I remember a friend telling me that my son Ian (who has Down syndrome) is like a light… people are drawn to him. I think the same of your Nora. She is a LIGHT! Thank you for sharing her light with the rest of us! Good night, sweet Nora and your blessed family…

  14. The first thing that I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night is to check on Nora Rose’s status. I find myself thinking of her and praying for all of you all day long. Nora looks like she is starting to fill out a little and her lips are starting to be plump and moist ( what a retired Ped’s nurse looks for). Thank you for touching all of our lives, and bringing us closer to our

  15. Nora is a daily reminder of what is really important in life and that resonates with you whereever you are. Sweet dreams!

  16. Just wanted to give a shout out to you and welcome you to the trisomy community. My T18 daughter just turned 3. Please check out our blog: We were even on TV recently for a special report on life with trisomy 18. The link is also on the blog. If you haven’t made your way over here yet, the **BEST** resource for trisomy families is I have learned so much about how to advocate and care for my daughter because of this loving, knowledgeable group of people. Please join us! God bless!

  17. I am so honored to have the privilege of following this journey. You really can’t even wrap your head around it when you try to take it all in.,AMAZING! Nora’s reached more people in 23 days than most of us do our whole lives. Pretty cool πŸ™‚

  18. The world seems so big, but yet it only takes one small tie (Nora) to bond us all together as neighbors. I realized how small the world was when a friend told me me to grab a box of tissues and read your blog. So the next day I start reading and see that very morning you went to see a certain dr that she happens to adore and happened to talk to a girl by the same name. Was it possible that you were actually posting about my friend??? Yep, sure was! How small the world had become to know that you live just blocks from us. This “celebrity” of a baby is practically a neighbor. Maybe one day Nora’s trips will be a bit further than the mailbox, and I will run into you. Until then, keep posting for us so this big world can keep sharing the love that makes it feel like one small tight knit community. God bless!

  19. Thank you for allowing Nora to be the lighthouse for all to see GOD’s Glory. Thank you for sharing your gifts around the world!

  20. That list is incredible. Baby Nora really has touched so many. I think that you’re forgetting something though. Nora isn’t the only reason people read and follow iwillcarryyou. It has a lot to do with Nora’s strong, brave, trusting and loving parents. Nora can’t help but be amazing with parents like that!

  21. Dear Nora,
    You reminded me today to be thankful. I wasn’t being very patient with my 3 year old and you reminded me to be gentle and kind to him.
    Thank you.

  22. I would be one of the ones from Ireland (though we are American – friends with a few Coreys, which is how I found out about your page.) Your daughter is precious! We’re on a different special needs journey, and I’ve been amazed at how much my daughter has touched lives as well, so am not surprised that your little angel is reaching out and touching people’s hearts. Your courage and love shines through every post, don’t underestimate the impact you have had on others! Thank you for sharing Nora with us!

  23. I must say Alesia and Wm…she has had me wrapped around HER little finger all night! I’m so honored to be sitting her watching her sleep while the both of you rest…GOD IS GOOD and thank YOU for sharing her with not only me for the night but to the entire world!

  24. I cannot read any of your post without tears in my eyes. I pray for Nora everyday. I have never met her but I can tell you this….I love her, and I love that you are her mom. Not only is she blessed to have you and you to have her, but the world is blessed to have Nora Rose in it. May God protect her and keep her on this earth as a sign of peace and unity.

  25. I look forward to seeing her everyday. Love watching her growth and how she loves taking a bath and cuddling up with Mama. She’s sooooo sweet!
    Also loved seeing the pics of her birth!. Thanks for sharing!! πŸ™‚

  26. What a beautiful gift you have given the world!!! She is such a blessing, and the following is amazing-what a perfect little angel. With all of the negative things that we see on the news and read in the paper at times, it is so awesome to read this blog and see the rays of light you share. THANK YOU!!!

  27. I just want to thank you do much for blogging. Little Miss Nora and your family are amazing. I will continue to pray. I look forward to reading your post. Thank you so much!!!!!

  28. God is so AMAZING!!! He truly works wonders! Little Nora has touched so many hearts! God bless you all!!!!

  29. I am the older sister of a younger brother with disabilities. I’ve struggled over the years because being the sibling of someone with his issues was hard for me. I’ve been confused, angry, frustrated and jealous. I spent most of my teen years trying to figure out how to get out of the house and away from him. Now that I’m an adult I’ve struggled with how to love him and prepare to be his caregiver once my parents no longer can. I’ve followed your blog for a few weeks now and reading about your choice to carry and share this special girl with the world has given me new perspective on my own situation. I’m 31 years old and it has never occured to me that my parents choose to keep and care for my brother just the way he is. There were many times when they were told to send him away here or there and there were a few times they were forced to do so but all in all they choose him. Nora….thank you for opening my eyes…and helping me to choose my brother too. I’m not sure that I’m never going to feel confused or frustrated again but I am sure that in my future interactions with him I will be more intentional about how my actions are showing him that I choose him and love him. Thank you!

    • Bunch of slackers πŸ˜‰ Though I suspect that Nora’s inspirational story would not make it through Chinese government filters. Mom said the nuns had them pray for the conversion of Russia…those prayers can work again!

  30. We love Nora! How incredible are you for writing straight from your heart and sharing your strong little Nora with all of us. I am due July 1st with our son Gabriel who has Full Trisomy 18. To say your blog has moved me is not even enough. I read some of your entries and they comfort me for, I am feeling so many emotions and you unknowingly are telling me that it’s okay. I thank you and Nora for that. I too believe so strongly in God and the journey he has put myself and my husband on; he chose us to carry our sweet son. God Bless you, your husband and your amazing, beautiful Nora. I love checking on your blog daily. She just makes me smile. She’s making the WORLD smile! πŸ™‚

  31. Reading and seeing pictures of sweet amazing Nora makes me love and cherish my sweet little one even more than I already do. You all are amazing and have touched so many!

  32. so glad I finally got to meet and hold sweet Miss Nora today. Be thinking about what I can do or what you need. I am going out of town Thursday-Saturday next week, Greta can come over mon, tues, or wed. Let me know which one works best. I will continue to pray for your angel and that you all will be able to get some rest. Hugs!!

  33. Praying for your sweet Nora. It is the children who will lead us. I am the mom to a young man with a chromosome 6 disorder. He is now 24. It is an amazing journey. God bless Nora and her family and thank you for sharing her with us all!

  34. Good night sweet precious Nora Rose. Mom, this little light of yours is shining over the world. I look forward to reading your post each
    day. Thank you for sharing. Prayers for Nora and her beautiful family.

  35. I have been(stalking) following your blog since you were pregnant just brings me so much comfort , joy,relief…i cant use enough words here. Last year my son was diagnosed at 20wks gestation with a rare neural tube defect (encephalocele) he lived for one WONDERFUL hour. Many people judged us and questioned WHY we didnt choose to abort. Why would you do this to yourself some people would for an explanation I simply share your story.. THIS IS WHY days, hours or years it doesnt matter ANY time is a gift and miracle..thank you for sharing her and your story. You are truly amazing people.People sometimes say that the most incredible people get the really important jobs in heaven..but i like to think he chooses us here like he just KNEW when he choose you to be Nora’s parents that you would be perfect.
    God Bless you and your family.

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