Happy 3 Week Birthday to the sweetest little baby girl! While the day started off with dismal weather, Nora did get a few interludes of sunshine throughout the day. Most of her days are limited to the family room, as the oxygen machine tubing doesn’t go much further. However, today I hooked her up to the portable tank and we ventured up to the mailbox. It was a little cumbersome lugging the tank behind me with one hand and pushing the stroller with the other, but we managed and it was soooooo nice to get outside. Today I figured out how to upload video from my phone to Youtube! Here is Nora this morning during a common bout of tiny hiccups.

Before all of my children were born they were just vague concepts of babies. Logically, I knew I was pregnant, I knew there was a baby in there, but I don’t think anyone really has any idea of WHO their unborn baby is until they actually hold that tiny helpless new life in their arms for the very first time. Each of the four times I met a new baby of mine, I was surprised. The baby I had drawn up in my mind never ever matched who was handed to me in those spectacular first few minutes of life. “What? Who’s baby is this?” I would think to myself, yet fall instantly in love despite the conflict between reality and my imagination. With Nora’s prognosis, it was not just a matter of who she might look like, whether she was a girl or a boy. I had never heard of Trisomy 18. I am ashamed to recall the monster I imagined inside of me when I received the news. Selfishly I imagined how horrible and inconvenient our lives would be if this child lived. I was crippled underneath an avalanche of fear. Fear of something I didn’t understand or have any knowledge of. “Incompatible with life” was the only thing I could recall in my hours of Googling. It took about three days for me to figure out that I could hold a conversation with someone without breaking down into an agonizing crying session. That was a huge step for me! That was the moment that I felt God’s deep rooted presence in my life and I chose to rely wholeheartedly on my faith. There was JUST NO OTHER WAY. I have no idea how anyone could face something like this on their own. My faith has pulled me through to today where I live in the present moment of this incredible blessing. Once again, reality has reigned victoriously over my imagination. CLEARLY sweet, precious little Nora is the furthest thing possible from the anomaly I had envisioned. By faith I was able to give her a chance, a life. And look at how she has blessed all of us in return. Thank you, God for this BEAUTIFUL little person!






He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me. They confronted me in the day of my disaster, but the Lord was my support. He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me. (Psalm 18:16-19 NIV)

40 thoughts on “Nora – THREE WEEKS OLD!!

  1. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your life, your faith, sorrows, and ultimate blessing with us- Nora! I wish I had the eloquent words to do half the justice that her life has given me these past few weeks! I think and pray for Nora daily but you and your husband are such amazing examples of Gods love that I hope to mirror! While this road is unknown, you have an army surrounding you! Including those you don’t know and probably never will. Thank you Nora! Sending my heart and hugs your way!! It is an honor to read about your life and it fills my soul knowing about your devoted and inspiring family!

    • She is a beautiful baby! Your story hits home for me. I was 20 weeks along when we got the news that our baby had a heart defect, fluid on the brain, and other anomalies. We were tested for Trisomy 18 but it ended up being a sydrome that I never heard of. The prognosis was poor. Everything you wrote today about not knowing what the baby will look like and the fear hit home. We also opted not to terminate and I thank God everyday that we didn’t. Our baby lived for 5 minutes. I was induced at 36 weeks and she looked perfect to me. I was so glad I got to hold her and love her until God took her home. I think you are so fortunate to have this time with Nora. She is perfect. I find it very therapeutic to read your blogs. You are wonderful parents and how lucky this little one is to have you. Our miracle was that they didn’t think she would make it to 36 weeks let alone make it through child birth. We have three children now after Loretta. She would be seven this summer. I was watching the video of Nora and my almost three year old son said, ” I like her. She is pretty.” I thought that was so sweet. I will continue to pray for you, Nora, and your family. Happy Three Weeks old!

  2. You are absolutely a beautiful person and I am constantly amazed by your words. Your love for your Lord is obvious. Thankyou for reaching deep into your heart and touching the hearts of so many people. I know that the angels in heaven are rejoicing with you. Thank you for sharing your heart and your precious Nora Rose with all of us. The pictures are a wonderful way for me to see as well as read how God is working through your life to reach others. My prayers are with you and each one in the family. Jackie

  3. The video is just delightful! I can’t wait to show my daughter in the morning 🙂 What a sweetheart Nora is! I’m so glad you and William chose to give her life. And I know it’s true that “To whom much is given, much is expected!” You’ve been so blessed with this darling girl and God is doing amazing things through your family. What a blessing you all are! Thank you for sharing your sweet words and pictures (twice!) today! 🙂

  4. I’m following your blog from Canada and my girls are enjoying reading and seeing pictures of your precious and beautiful girl. She is so blessed to have been brought into a family that cherishes every minute and loves her so deeply. Thank you for sharing your heart and your pictures of your beautiful baby. The heart of God is written all over your posts… our God of LIFE! May the Lord continue to bless you as I know He is already doing.

  5. She truly is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Thank you for sharing the video; I just love it. She is so alert!! What a precious, precious blessing.


  7. Happy birthday little Nora! Thank you to your parents for sharing you with the world and giving us all hope and love. You are a lucky little girl. You all are in our prayers all the way from India.

  8. Aleisa, Thank you for your faith, courage and honesty in this post. You are an amazing and inspirational mother to all of us. Nora has been truly blessed to be born to you and your family. We have all been truly blessed by sharing in your faith and journey. I will continue to pray each day for our precious baby Nora. She is beautiful beyond words! Thank you for sharing AND for the adorable video of “a case of tiny Nora hiccups”!

  9. I love reading your updates! My son was born with Trisomy 13 and passed up to Heaven when he was 8 days old. We too got the “not compatible with life” nonsense while I was carrying him and after he was born. In his case the drs. were right BUT I am so thankful for the eight days we did have him here. It was amazing to know him and to experience him knowing us through he’s special little responses he only did for us. We KNOW we did the right thing giving him life. Thank you for giving Nora that chance too! Life, what a precious gift.
    Prayerfully thinking of you often,

  10. Those are indeed the tiniest little hiccups I have ever heard! You are blessed! And you are blessing everyone who reads your story. Thank you and God bless!

  11. Hi there, I’m a mutual friend of Stephanie Moody. Our fourth daughter Samantha was born 5 years ago with Trisomy 18. We had the privilege getting to know her for 4 1/2 months! As you know that any day is an amazing feat for the little ones. You will not regret all the pictures and memories you make with little Nora. We even took Samantha on vacation with us! Praying for you as you walk through this difficult yet amazing road. Praying that God’s presence will be made known and His perfect wisdom, peace and understanding will be poured out to your sweet family.

    Much love,

  12. Those little baby noises…..soooo sweet!!! Now that you figured it out, keep the videos coming!!!!

  13. Aleisa, William & Nora – I have been follwing your amazing story of faith for three weeks. You have brought a prophet into the world for all us to learn from. I hope you take time to realize how strong and courageous you are, and will continue to be throughout this miracle. Todays writting about fear is a lesson well learned for us all. Fear can steal your confidence, your love and your faith and consume your entire life if you let it. Thank you for reminding us that F.E.A.R. is only a false emotion appearing real, and God has much better plans for us all.

  14. So precious! God has blessed your daughter with such wonderful parent’s. God knew you could give her what she needed, love, the greatest gift of all.

  15. Happy 3 weeks Nora!

    Thank you for sharing the video, it’s so great to see your precious little girl besides in a still photo 🙂

  16. I love the video of Nora more than I can ever put into words. She is such a beautiful miracle. Happy Birthday sweet Nora! 🙂

  17. She looks so strong and “normal” for lack of a better term. I just love to look at her! I want to hold her and hug her, she’s so precious!

  18. Thank you for sharing your heart and God’s beautiful little Nora with us. It has become a daily visit in heart and prayer. And what a joy to see the video of Nora 🙂 I wonder how many moms were stroking her face as they watched it….I know I was. She is loved.

  19. Seriously, what a blessing! Gosh I just love her so much 🙂 And just EXACTLY the versethat I needed to hear at this very moment. Thank you, for all that you do for so many in sharing your life with us Aleisa.

  20. Loved the video of Nora Rose. Her baby sounds gave me a huge smile today. Thanks for sharing her with us. The picture of Nora Rose stretching is just too cute. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  21. Happy 3 weeks birthday, sweet Nora!!. Seeing you on the video warms me up. At the same time I get saddened thinking of how many babies are not given the opportunity of living and being cared , loved and cherished by their Mama, Dad , siblings… , whatever is the amount of time God has planned for them to live, just because they have an extra chromosome.
    You are a lucky girl, sweet Nora, because of being sorrounded by so much love. 🙂

  22. Loved hearing little Nora’s gurgles and hiccups. What a sweetie! I am so grateful for your honesty about this experience, and I appreciate that you share both the light and the shadow. I continue to keep you all in my prayers. Hugs to Nora!

  23. Thank you so much for carrying your sweet Nora! You have encouraged me in so many ways! I love getting on here and reading how the Lord is working. I began praying for Nora about two weeks ago when I a friend posted the beautiful pictures from Nora’s birth story. I will continue to pray for all of you! Thank you for your encouragement!

  24. Her hiccups are officially my new favorite sounds. Thanks for your humanity, sharing your fears, hopes, reactions, feelings, and questions with flawlessly chosen words. Happy Birthday, Nora!

  25. Beautiful! I love her reaction when you rub her sweet head…you can see the love she has for you, too. Many prayers to you 🙂

  26. Aleisa, you are living proof of a verse i read today, thank you!! “Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed;

    save me and I will be saved,

    for you are the one I praise.” (Jeremiah 17:14 NIV84)

  27. Aleisa, your posts are the highlight of my days. I can’t wait to see what beautiful pictures and insights you will post. I will ditto the “more video” chant!! Just adorably precious, there are no words fitting incompatible anything. praying always for your continued strength

  28. Thank You for posting these beautiful pics, and vidio of Nora! She is so beautiful! Nora’s little life has been such a blessing and inspiration to me. I pray for you all daily. Thank you again for sharing your faith, hope and love.

    • Ditto on it being a highlight of the day. We are 9.5 hours ahead so we get the new post just in time to read it before our 4month old’s nap, say a prayer and then nap. It’s a lovely sleep-time story!

  29. She is just so BEAUTIFUL!! I smile when I see her, and wonder if my Emma would have looked like her. She was born at 29 wks. with T18. She lived 2 hours and 45 wonderful minutes! I thank you for posting the video…she is just WESOME!!! You are a lucky mom!!!! 🙂

  30. I work on a high-risk OB unit, where the phrase “incompatible with life” is used fairly often. I’m not sure that I will ever be able to hear that phrase in reference to T18 again without arguing, because if Nora isn’t beautifully compatible with life, I don’t know who is. I praise God for your faith and strength and that all she knows is love. God bless you and your family.

  31. Thank you for sharing with such genuine honesty. It’s beautiful. And the video? My almost three-year-old who is a truly a man of few words, stood mesmerized at the computer watching, saying “Hi Baby” over and over and over again. Apparently, I’m not the only one who was captivated by your sweet little Nora. 🙂

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