Nora – 4 Days Old

The bright sunshine of yesterday has been replaced with dreary rain clouds today. Recipe for a perfect day of cuddling up skin to skin under the blankets with a certain little miss.

Nora continues to eat very well. She is a very content baby. What pure love she is!


I haven’t been able to write much about the hospital experience. I will say that it was very accurately portrayed in Melanie’s photos. Our nurses were top notch and went above and beyond for us. Our OB was magnificent as usual! His upbeat sense of humor and heartfelt compassion that alleviated our angst of the early days was there again to ease our anxiety during Nora’s birth.

There was, however, a point in time immediately after Nora’s birth that was momentarily terrifying. Nora’s heart rate dropped. It was low. Low to the point that they whisked her away from me. We’d thought we’d lost her. My dear friend Kate R. who was present at the birth writes about it in her Letter to Nora. Her description of this experience further validates the absolute miracle that Nora REALLY, TRULY IS!! I now hand the mic over to Kate:

Dear Nora,

As my friend Kim says, “God is so transparent…”

A few weeks ago, I sat down to pray for your mom, your dad and your brother and sister.  In the midst of prayer, I suddenly had to ask God “Why?  I don’t understand why you create children that have such disorders.”  Almost as soon as my mind asked the question, the answer swept over me like a huge wave.  Nora, I KNOW why God created you.  Without a doubt, I know.

You see, Nora, God creates each of us with a purpose.  He has a specific job for each of us.  Our job is to serve God and to love one another as God has loved each of us in the process of doing what it is we were put here to do. God wants this from us more than anything because to Him, each precious life He creates matters so much.  He loves us more than we could ever love another human being, but He wants us to do our best and love to our capacity. Most of us do not do this and feel we cannot do this, myself included.  Too many people annoy us, aggravate us, hurt us and anger us. Many of us spend a lifetime never figuring out what it is God is asking from us.  Many of us never listen closely enough or are too distracted to even want to listen.  This describes me until recently.  Let me explain.

I’ve always prayed, Nora.  But more so out of feeling obligated.  I’m not proud of this.  But I’m so humbled that God chose to show me how to pray.  Of all the billions of people in the world He could spend his time on, He spent a little time on me.  But not just me, He spent time on THOUSANDS of people.  He brought them closer to Him and to His kingdom.  And how did He do that?  Simple.  He used you, Nora.  You were God’s chosen one for this job.  And in order to use you, he needed to use someone he knew would and could carry you.  That is where he used your mom and the gift of the written word He has graced her with.  Through your mom’s words, which she chose to share with the world, the work of God came through so clearly.  Because of her unconditional love for you, and her unshakable faith in God, everyone who reads and follows her blog has fallen in love with you.  Nora, your story has been shared by so many people that it has reached all areas of the country and no doubt, will filter out to the world. God is brilliant!  I get it and it is so clear.  The bible is God’s word and His display of His love for us.  He desires that we read it, understand his love for us and in turn, love each other.  He showed us how that is possible on a human level through you and your mom.  He also desires that we pray every day.  Well guess what?  So many people have prayed for you every day.  I have prayed harder and more sincerely than I ever have in my life.  I have noticed God touching my life more than ever before.  I have made life changing decisions that include impacting the lives of others that most of the world casts aside.  I love my children more.  I love my husband more.  I love my parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, in-laws, cousins, friends and neighbors more.  This is all because of your life and your mom saying “YES” to God.  Through all of her doubt, fear and tears, she took the road God laid before her.  She partnered with God to give you  life and shared your life with us.  My God how she loves you!  You cannot even comprehend that love.  And you know what is amazing?  God loves you more, precious angel.  And people everywhere, who don’t know you and will never meet you, love you and love your family.

Nora, I was asked by your mom to be present for your delivery.  Oh my God, what a humbling experience that was.  Of all the people in her life, she asked me.  Maybe she knew I needed this for something painful from a past experience with my job.  That seems like the kind of person she is… thinking of others in the midst of her unimaginable circumstance. I don’t know why she asked me, but she did and I can NEVER repay her for doing so.  There are no words to describe that day or the moment you arrived and let out your first cry.  Nothing I could possibly say could do justice for what was felt by all who witnessed your birth.  You cried and then you seemed to need a little  help.  Your nurse, Amy, brought you to the warmer as all gathered around with anticipation.  I saw no movement in your chest at all.  You weren’t breathing.  Amy moved the stethoscope around as if trying to listen for something… ANYTHING that indicated a beating heart.  Your mom was sobbing, her hands folded and pleading desperately with her eyes lifted toward the ceiling.  I went to her instinctively as my job once required me to take care of mothers.  Your dad and aunts and nurse were by your side.  I knew you were being cared for.  Your mom cried out in desperation for God to please help you.  She was terrified and I had never seen or heard terror like that in my life. The doctor requested the pastor come in for your immediate baptism, as it looked as though you were not going to be with us much longer. Your dad must’ve slipped in when he heard your mom’s desperate plea.  You see, Nora, your dad loves your mom like God intended for a husband to love his wife.  What a lucky baby you are to have them as your earthly parents!  Suddenly, we heard a cry from the warmer.  It was as though God breathed life right back into you.  Your mother asked, and God came to her, giving her what she needed right then.  I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. 


Melanie caught that moment perfectly!

Your family came in and I stood back and observed the overwhelming love they had for you. Again, an experience  not able to be explained by words.


And again!

So Nora, I see your purpose.  I get why you are here on earth.  I get why it was your mom that was chosen.  And I will always remember the day I saw a true heavenly angel born. An angel created by God to bring the message of love and prayer to so many. I ‘ll never forget getting to hold her and touch her in human form.  The only thing I may never understand is this… why me?  Why was I gifted with this?  This is my promise… because of this gift, I will use your life to be a better person, to get closer to God, to love others and to get to Heaven.  And I know that so many others will too.

I love you, sweet baby Nora.  Thank you for what you have done for this world.

26 thoughts on “Nora – 4 Days Old

  1. You don’t know me, but I have been blessed by seeing and hearing bits of your story. I am a nurse where Nora was born. I have been praying for you and your family. As I read through this post, I was so moved. I felt God’s love stronger than I have in such a long time. I have been a Christian my entire life, but I have been struggling in my faith throughout the past year. I do believe in miracles. I witness them every day in my job, with every birth that I have able to be a part of. I pray that God will touch Nora’s life and bring healing and peace. I pray for your family. What a blessing this little baby has been to so many already.

  2. That was the most beautiful writing and so true. Nora, you are a true gift and have helped so many prioritize the truly important things in life. So much love for you!!

  3. Aleisa, I am awed by the reading of this testimony. As you know when our Alexandria was born she too was not breathing, she had a heartbeat, but we did not expect her to be with us long. Pastor was brought in quickly and we performed her baptism, then we said the lords prayer and when we all said “Amen” she took her first breath. When Kimberly and I shared that story with you and William the night we talked a few weeks ago… I am so glad we could talk and share our story, and that God gave you such a miracle too. I was amazed at how similar our stories were when we talked, and it is absolutely incredible to hear your experience as well. We had a wonderful 50 days, I pray so hard you get so many more.

  4. The story of sweet baby Nora is a beautiful example of the goodness of people! What a beautiful baby and family! I don’t know you but your story inspires me! May God bless you all every single day!

  5. Words can’t really express how your daughter Nora has changed me. Your unyielding faith in Christ through even what I can imagine as the worst of times has allowed others to see it is HERE that He carries us, just as you have carried Nora. She is changing lives and I thank you for sharing your story for others to see and feel the love Christ blesses us with every chance we let Him. I now thank Him for every breath, every blink, every moment I have with my boys. Thank you Nora, I can see exactly why Jesus chose you!

  6. Oh my goodness! That sweet little face! Those beautiful bright eyes! She is sporting the Pampers outfit so appropriately, sweet little miracle! When I read Kate’s letter to Nora the other day, I was so moved. All said so perfectly! Every detail, so true! When I think back about Nora’s birth day, and when I see those pictures, it all seems to make such perfect sense that Kate was right there, at that precise moment, with you. God’s plans are like a symphony, orchestrated from above with such beauty. He knew Kate needed to be there that day!

  7. What a beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing this wonderful miracle with all of us. My family and I will continue to pray for you. (I am a sister-in-law of a friend)

  8. Your story touched me and your family has been in my thoughts and prayers since I started reading your blog. You have reminded me to appreciate every moment we have with our children – that they truly are such an immense blessing in our lives. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.

  9. I was only in your hospital room for a short while. I helped Kate move in a new bed for Dad. The love and peace I felt there made me want to stay longer. She is a precious, beautiful miracle. We all have a purpose in life. She may be tiny but I feel in my heart that she is one of God’s mightiest warriors. Through her life and your family’s testimony of faith in Him, an impact is being made in this world that only God will ever really know. May your family feel the love that you have put in all our hearts. Thank you, Shannon

  10. In tears….again lol. I honestly think she might just be the cutest, sweetest, most wonderful being I have ever seen! What an absolute doll and miracle. How incredible are the ways that God is working through this tiny little girl? Mind blowing, faith building, heart expanding….all wrapped up in a little over 5 lbs. Incredible.

  11. I just feel like God wants to be vindicated on here, so I’m going to step out boldly and encourage with this; There is good and there is evil. God does not cause infirmity or disease. God is good. All the time. There is good and there is evil. And for such a time as this, Nora is here. I declare perfect health over her, once again. I am taking authority over evil by the power of the risen Christ :). He said that because he died for us, even greater works would we do….and I am really standing in faith that Nora is a miracle in a HUGE way. HEALED. By His stripes. Completely whole. And many will see the work of His hands 🙂 Glory to God. Death has lost its sting. The enemy’s power has been broken in Jesus’ name. …just stepping out in faith as Holy Spirit leads. Blessings to you all!!!!!!! 🙂 God I ask for faith to explode in many for Nora!!!!!!! ❤

  12. This is beautiful! Nora is a wonderful blessing to so many. I know of many people who have just heard me talk about her, or through my Facebook page have made it to Aleisa’s blog, and have commented on how Aleisa’s pregnancy and Nora’s birth has made some kind of impact on them. Nora, I will pray for you everyday! You have increased my faith and love for God, for that alone I am thankful. I’m sure God is using any piece of this story that people have heard, seen, or read and is making his way into their lives. Nora, your life is bringing people to eternal life with God!!! Before you were born, you were doing this, your mother’s writings were doing this, and your birth brought a flood of people to God, either for the first time or increased the love we have for Him. I am so thankful everyday I see a new picture of you. Nora, in so many ways, you are a wonderful, beautiful MIRACLE. You are stronger and more determined than I am at 27. You overcame what the medical field says can’t happen. Nora, I love you to pieces!!! God, I love you for letting me be part of Nora’s life. Aleisa, thank you for letting me hear your story.

  13. Kate’s letter is absolutely beautiful and it expresses for us and helps us answer the questions so many have had for months.

  14. I have been given God’s grace and mercy during my battle with cancer and the words written for the purpose could not have been explained more eloquently. It is hard to understand how ones sufferings are used for the good of others. Thank you all for giving voice to what couldn’t be described. I am so touched and more inspired to share His miracles.

  15. I am once again left speechless with these gorgeous words. This story has created a new faith in me I never knew could exist. Thank you for unwavering faith, love, and determination, and leading by example. You have changed my life for the better and I am eternally gratedul to you for that lesson.

  16. By sharing your story so many of us so far away feel the joy of this birth…it feels like the “breath of love” is making her strong – I’m sure she senses it – love all around her…she must feel special – she surely is…I pray God lets us enjoy her here on earth — Thy will be done…

  17. I tested high for trisomony 18 in my pregnancy and was followed by maternal fetal medecine. It was such a scary time and then my daughter was born and did not have trisomony 18 but severely aspirated meconium. She has coded several times and was lifted lighted away and put on life support where she had a grade four hemorrhage that was five years ago and she is still with me today. She has taught me more about love, faith and the important things in life. We are truly blessed as r u

  18. In awe at the Unconditional Love and Grace, reading this blog is opening my eyes to a Faith that I have never seen before. I am speachless and humbled by this miracle and lesson that is changing so many of us following along the story of God’s precious gift named Nora. We are told of God’s power and plan but it is through life that we start to understand. Thank you for sharing your life and Kate’s letter that I keep re-reading! WOW! Kiss that beautiful Nora as my children and I say our prayers for you all and this Gift from above!

  19. Well, I let my dinner burn as I started reading Nora’s story. Thank you, for sharing her with the world, and allowing her to be a light and reminder of love in a very busy world. You have an incredible heart and I am convinced Nora will always know your love for her. As a mother, I know just the split moment thought of your child suffering sends you into a panic, so I look up to the grace and dignity at which you have lived these past days.
    Prayers continue for you and your family Alesia!

  20. I don’t know you but I heard of your story, I am sitting here at Cleveland Clinic with my 16month old admitted for contionous health problems and this really hit me to lean on God. I needed to see your story, I have to say I admire you!! You are an amazing woman!! I was meant to see this story tonight. GOD BLESS YOU, NORA AND YOUR FAMILY

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