Day 34 – 4D Ultrasound

We had the 4D ultrasound done today at Stork Vision in Crescent Springs, KY! What an amazing experience that was to see Nora’s precious little face, her sweet cheeks, and her little hands and feet! I had a continuous steady stream of tears collecting into my hair as we all gazed up at her on the monitor. She is absolutely perfect and beautiful in every way! She even smiled at us!



Any bit of awkwardness that I maybe had worried about was eliminated the moment we walked in the door. I was so encouraged by the sweetness and compassion of everyone working there. To hear that we’ve been in their prayers since the day I called to make the appointment completely touched my heart! 

I’m so thankful for all of the images and for the video of my sweet little princess.  These pictures of her while she’s safe, warm, happy (even smiling!), content and loved are absolute treasures. We also got a teddy bear with a recording of Nora’s heartbeat. Greta picked out a soft pink bear for her little sister.  I’m so so glad we decided to do this!! I’m very happy today!

8 thoughts on “Day 34 – 4D Ultrasound

  1. Prayers for sweet Nora….and prayers for you on your journey…miracles happen everyday…miracles like the one inside you now….God Bless You

  2. She is truly a gift from God! What a beautiful little girl! How sweet it is to capture her heartbeat in a teddy bear. What an awesome idea!

  3. I think of everything that I bought my entire pregnancy the 4d ultrasound we had with the dvd recording of the best money that I’ve ever spent. I watched it yesterday with tears streaming down my face. II watched it because I knew you were having one done & it reminded me of mine. Nolan is a miracle in of course a different way, a baby I was told was never possible for me to have (you know the whole story I think) A little funny is that I had another ultrasound scheduled for week 33 on Kevin’s birthday (which is Feb 25th) with a couples massage it was going to be a surprise for him – little did we know that Nolan had other plans & decided to be born on week 32 – Kevin got quite a different version of “4d” – We spent it in the NICU instead 🙂 Anyway, my point is that I’m sooooooo HAPPY that you took the time out to do this amazing thing that we are able to do now with technology. I’ve watched that dvd no less than 50 times but yesterday was the first time I’ve watched it since Nolan’s birth. I was able to go back to those exact feelings that you explain above….for that I thank you (among all the other amazing things you are giving me through your faith & inspiration – I luvs you!)

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