Day 26 – Letter to Baby

Hi Baby,

You are so active inside of me right now.  I take such joy in your tiny bouts of activity, each little squirm and wiggle.  You are such a strong little thing, contrary to everything we’ve read about T18.  I’m so anxious to meet you, but hate the thought of separating you from the life line that has devotedly sustained you so far. The tie that physically binds us is destined to be cut in two, but there is a tie that will forever tether you to my heart. Nothing and no one can separate that bond. I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.

Condensed into such a short period of time, I hope you will be able to see and feel the tremendous lifetime of love your family has for you. I hope you will know that your sweet little life was not in vain. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, God’s work of art.


Right now, as you’re nestled up inside of me, the concept of being without you seems blighting. But I will find solace in knowing that someday I’ll see you again. Your sweet Daddy and I will have an eternal little baby angel waiting for us in heaven.

I love you, little one.


6 thoughts on “Day 26 – Letter to Baby

  1. Such beautiful words for a beautiful family, a lovely baby and a wonderful Momma! Love and prayers with William, G&G and you and that little mircale in your belly!

  2. The book from which you quoted is an amazing one, as is this entire blog that you write. I can’t wait to see this blessing unfold…

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