Day 24 – Trapped

Since the end of December I’d felt like a fly trapped between the screen and a window pane; searching in vain for a rip in the screen or a crack in the glass, some way to escape the possibility that I’m really locked in. Then the storm hit. I lay drowning on my back in the flooded sill, kicking my legs and flapping my wings, trying to breathe and make sense of it all. Not only was I trapped, I was going to be killed in here.


The rain finally subsided and I was able to climb to a place of safety. Instead of continuing to struggle, I let the warm breeze fill my exhausted lungs, the blanket of sunshine dry my battered wings, and the blue sky soothe my many tired eyes. I get caught off guard by the left over rain drops that occasionally drench me all over again, but I’ve figured out they won’t kill me.

The distant sky is bruised with storm clouds, threatening to overtake the consoling sunshine. I am frightened, but instead of worrying about the storm’s fury, I find hints of hope and eagerness for it. Maybe it is THIS storm that will be powerful enough to rip the screen out of the window and free me to fly.

5 thoughts on “Day 24 – Trapped

  1. This literally gave me chills as I read it. You are a phenomenal writer and I am completely captured by your words. I have no doubt that God has wonderful things planned for you in this crazy storm.

  2. U r granted time off from your shanninigans but I know you will be back…its the multi-faceted Aleisa that I love, your heart poured out in the purest form of art. Just as your breath is involuntary, so are the feelings that take over your heart at any given moment. I love your blog, its you, its real, and its beautiful.

  3. wow – you are an incredible writer. my heart and prayers go out to you. God is really showing His amazing peace, grace, and strength through you and this blog. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. As a person that suffers the most awful anxiety, who has lead a life that has been “interesting” your words just filled my heart, I needed them, I will remember this next time the rain drops fall.

    Thank you.

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