Day 22 – Icing in the Cake

A beautiful day today without much event — reading and relaxing between loads of laundry.

We do have a couple things finally lined up to celebrate this little life. I have a 4D ultrasound scheduled for February 11th. I explained with a bit of awkwardness to the person that answered the phone that this wasn’t a typical joyous occasion. Perhaps taken a little off guard (I guess that’s not a call you get every day!), he explained all of the options available. I chose a half an hour session and opted to purchase a teddy bear with a recording of the baby’s heart beat.

Secondly, William spoke with our geneticist this afternoon. He called her to request that she send us our baby’s gender in a sealed envelope. I was given the awesome idea to take that sealed envelope to a bakery and request pink filling for a girl, or blue filling for a boy, depending on what it says inside of the envelope. (Thank you, Regina for the great idea!!) Not exactly sure when we’ll be cutting the cake… but I’ll be sure to post a video to share the moment.

In addition to requesting the gender, William also wanted to share this blog with the geneticist. I was astounded when William told me that she’s already gotten word of it and has been following along! Wow! (I hope my writings have been able to convey that I’m not still the unhinged disaster I’d suddenly become during our last phone conversation on January 9th!)


Another day has come to an end and we’re still breathing. We made it through another one, all thanks be to God. I am continually amazed by the strength and perspective that the Holy Spirit instills within me. All I had to do was ask. I am blessed and fortunate to have already had a sturdy infrastructure of faith in place — my safety net to rescue me out of a downward spiral. Not to imply that it’s 24/7 happy-go-lucky over here now. We, of course, have our frenzied interludes of tears and grief. It’s just different in that we realize we’re not taking up residency in the valley of the shadow of death. We’re merely walking through it.

4 thoughts on “Day 22 – Icing in the Cake

  1. Really just speechless and amazed at what a beautiful friend I have. I can’t imagine walking a second in your shoes, yet you shine with every step you take. Looking forward to sharing the moment of your 4D and the cake cutting gender reveal. Knowing you, it will be the most magical of moments, despite what may or may not be…XOXO!

  2. Lisi, I’m in awe of your strength and steadfast faith. Your blog posts….so powerful and full of emotion, they bring me to tears. Not only because of the difficult journey you’re enduring but also because your open relationship with God. It’s beautiful. I have so much respect for both you and Sarah too, for having the strength to continue on and know that God has wonderful plans for you ahead.
    I Love you!

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