Day 5 – Beauty in Every Grain

Yesterday, I made the analogy of our grief being like the waves on a beach.  Some of them are so powerful they threaten to drown us, but it is God, our Friends and Family who are our rocks that we cling to and who prevent us from getting washed out to sea.  I mentioned that as early as “Day 3” of this we began noticing little “treasures” of sea shells and coins, messages in bottles getting washed …up on the shore (others noticing the strength of our faith, renewed friendships, shared words of condolense to others about unrelated situations, strengthening of an already strong marriage).  Then today, I stumble upon this article in the Facebook Newsfeed which was posted by an old friend.  Can you imagine the chills I got when I read the last line of the first paragraph, “It is incredible to think when you are walking on the beach you are standing on these tiny treasures” — These TREASURES I can’t even see with my own eyes.  Thank you Roy W. Jones.  (and I guess let’s not forget that it IS the waves that CREATE these microscopic treasures.)  I’m amazed.

Here is the article:  Beauty in Every Grain

1 thought on “Day 5 – Beauty in Every Grain

  1. Just started reading your blog. Discovered it through our friend Elizabeth. So incredibly sorry for all you are going through. Praying for you and your family. This article in this post just blew me away! What an incredible Creator we belong to. If He takes that much time to make pieces of sand that beautiful and unique then how much more so will He do with us. Not sure if you have the latest Jason Gray cd but if you could look up song 11 on it – Nothing is Wasted, I think you might really like it. God bless you and strengthen you beyond what you could ever imagine through this journey and know that all of our times here are so very short. You will get a glorious eternity with that little one – not that that takes away any of the pains of these very present moments.

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