North – Days 3 & 4

July 28 & 29

William, Gavin and I bike along the length of the island (1.1mile). It is a beautiful ride accompanied by the smell of pine and the hum of distant boat motors. The resplendent blue water is visible through the trees on both sides of the street. We stop at a spot I used to visit in days of yore when Nora was just a covert little zygote. I had been unaware then of her tiny presence, blissfully oblivious to a sweet extra chromosome and to what the next three years had in store for me — for my family.


The thin narrow dock spans out through the reeds. It is quiet. Beautiful. Until the bees become threatened by our presence. One sting, two stings, Gavin is their target. And there went the serenity.


Apparently there was a nest hidden under the dock that we had the audacity to walk over and the bees were none too happy about it. Neither William or I got stung. Gavin wasn’t crazy about extending our excursion down this dock in the first place, and of course he’s the one who got stung. Twice. Ah, poor buddy!!! This was his first encounter with a bee sting(s). Thanking God that there was no allergic reaction!

He shook it off and is back to playing as soon as we get back. There’s no sniffling in Wiffle ball with Uncle Josh!


Kids just fall from the sky around here.
(My niece Keira the Rockstar and her Daddy)


The weather has been exceedingly chillier than we are used to this time of year. Thank goodness for knee socks!!


The previous day we were taken aback to learn that the house our families rented for 4 consecutive summers on the neighboring island was gone. In its place stood a newly constructed, very large and unfamiliar house. It is a beautiful home but is rudely oblivious to its imposure on our sacred ground. This place was the backdrop of so so many treasured memories that now exists only in pictures and in thought. We stopped by in the car Sunday to have a look around. We gathered a few rocks and left a few tears. William and I oared past again in the kayaks today. You can see the newly built house in the background of the picture below.
45° 58′ 51.949″ N 84° 18′ 47.208″ W


Beneath the Kissing Bridge ~



Temporarily distracted from my sadness, I row through the reeds and the heart-shaped lily pads. The warm sunshine on my face and the cool breeze in my hair are God’s soothing mercies.


Feather ~






The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.
(‭Psalm‬ ‭9‬:‭9-10‬ NIV)



5 thoughts on “North – Days 3 & 4

  1. Praying for you dear one as you walk this path. You will emerge on the other side a changed person, one full of thankfulness and a greater appreciation of life in all forms. 11 years ago my son passed away and I still remember him as if it was yesterday but without so much pain. Take heart. Remember this… it will help you.

  2. These pictures made me realize how long I’ve followed your story — Greta and Gavin have grown so much! Thank you again for sharing your journey with us. Not long after sweet Nora reached Heaven, a friend of mine in Michigan was devastated by the loss of her 5-month-old son, Nash. She is sharing her own journey through a blog as well ( Please join me in praying for all of Nash’s family.


    Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 03:59:51 +0000

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