Hospital – Day 13

And here she is in her morning ray of sunshine ~


I know it’s probably sad to see her like this, but she looks way better than she did a few days ago! She is definitely making progress.

Nora caught up on all of the sleep she lost and finally started to come to today. She’s had some trouble with gagging and excess spitties, which we are pretty sure is because of the NG tube and the ND tube going into her nose and down the back of her throat. She has such a sensitive gag reflex and now that she’s a little more alert, she’s more aware of them. Hopefully the NG tube can come out soon. Its purpose is to drain her stomach when it fills up. Her stomach isn’t going to be ready for milkies for quite some time, so the ND tube bypasses the stomach and goes directly into her intestines. She’s been getting little bits of special milkies through the ND tube today without any outward complications.

We were able to hold Nora the other day, but shortly after that she began having terrible withdrawal symptoms and the joy of that was slightly squelched. Today was a much better experience {until all of her tubes and wires got knotted up into a tangled monstrosity}.

Daddy / Nornor cuddles ~


“Dis is kinda neat. Where’s my puppy pyano been?? What day is it??”


This evening I even got to see some BEAUTIFUL little girl smiles!!!!!

Norns has received so many sweet cards and e-cards over the past few days. Thank you so much for those! They really do brighten up the room! If you would like to send her one, we are in room B612! E-Card Link



We’re so thankful for moderately peaceful days like today, for the kindness and generosity of friends and people we’ve never met, the concern, care and intelligence of the doctors, surgeons, and nurses, and for the continued healing of our sweet Lady Baby.

Even though these are days spent in the hospital, when we would so much rather be at home, they are days spent with Nora. Days that we almost didn’t get. Do you believe in miracles yet?

Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced.
(1 Chronicles 16:12 NIV)

11 thoughts on “Hospital – Day 13

  1. Oh, Nora! How we’ve missed your sweet face! Thank you, Aleisa, for sharing your beautiful family with us. I am praying for continued recovery for the Lady Baby and that you will all be reunited at home again very soon! Looking forward to pictures of Nora with her sweet brother and sister!

  2. The video is wonderful. It made me cry. Nora is an absolute miracle. This entire post made me so happy for Nora and all of you. I know how special it is to get to hold her after so long. Thank God for that miracle as well.

  3. Bless her heart. I pray every night and day for her recovery. The mountain is steep. Just as the little train that could, Nora is ” I think I can.” As she continues to climb the mountain to recovery, Nora knows she can. I pray she reaches the top of the mountain soon. May your family know the peace of the Lord.

  4. Oh how wonderful to see Nora smiling again! I can imagine how your and William’s heart sang with joy as tears filled your eyes. She continues to prove what a miracle she is. Prayers for continued steps forward.

  5. I have tears of joy running down my cheeks this morning!!! So happy to see those smiles and Daddy holding her!!! Continued prayers!!!!

  6. I am so happy she is pulling through, and will continue to pray for healing! What a special mom and dad she has.

  7. Oh my GOD.ness!Love that beautiful chubbers Baby Face w/ the giggles! I will be Rejoicing throughout this day! YaY! Nora is back!

  8. I was thrilled to see the pics of Nora..tubes and all…love the lonely front top tooth…she is so adorable and looks more like herself…and yes.. Prayers will continue….and I do believe in miracles…everyday.

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