Emergency Surgery

Nora is going into emergency high risk surgery. Her stomach seems to have turned and is obstructed. She is intubated, sedated and stable right now, surgery is any minute.

Nora early this morning:

Prayers are hugely needed and appreciated.

33 thoughts on “Emergency Surgery

  1. Praying very hard. Lord, guide the minds and hands of the medical staff caring for Nora. Let her family feel your constant presence.

  2. Sad to see her looking so sick. What a sweetheart. Prayers for a successful surgery and a fast and complete recovery, and peace beyond all understanding for your family as you’re going through this scary time. ❤

  3. Oh dear lifting Nora up to the Lord, Dear Heavenly father wrap this precious child in your arms protect her and heal her .comfort her and her family in this stressful time. Give them strength and courage to get through the pain and fear. your peace and mercy will be their comfort until Nora is well again. in Jesus name AMEN

    • I believe Nora has had an army of angels around her since day 1. Today isn’t any different. Lots of prayers going up for her and your family. ❤

      • My prayers continue for Nora and her family. May God bless you and keep you strong!

  4. I left messages on FB! We just love you all and are praying and praying!! We pray for His Divine Healing over sweet Nora!

  5. Dear Lord, I come to you asking for you to lay your healing hands upon sweet Nora. Please be with the surgeons team as the so this difficult surgery. Let you presence be known to her and her family. Shower them with peace and comfort the knowing you are the mighty
    Healer. I ask that you stay with Nora and hold her hand and touch her heart. She is a child of god. Please Lord, I ask in Jesus holy name. Amen

  6. Praying for you all. I am so sorry. I pray the Lord will protect your precious girl and bring her through surgery with flying colors.

  7. Praying for her, for you, for the surgeons and staff. May God direct their hands, strengthen her and comfort you. Please keep us updated as you can.

  8. Prayers for your family and for the doctors as they work on your precious little one. May he give you peace and rest during this difficult time.

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