Oh, Christmas Tree!!!!

After our busy busy Thursday, it was such a relief to end the day with a nice dinner and another BEAUTIFUL centerpiece.


She’s the happy kind!


Friday morning Norns puked some more “hearts” ~ I’m reminded in this moment that God’s love is always with us; even in the messy and unexpected times.


This is Nornor’s cozy, cozy nest. She stays so cuddly warm in her down cocoon.


Nora was well-rested for her physical therapy session. She spent a considerable amount of time on her belly without freaking out! She has despised belly time for so long but we’re finally making some headbellyway!


“Dat’s cuz I’m a biggin’.”


The kids were off school Friday on account of the snow. We still didn’t have a tree up and based on the weather forecast it didn’t look like we would be able to get out to get one any time soon. I decided to unload the artificial pre-lit tree. Of COURSE all of the sections were no longer lighting up except one. If I was going to have to go through each individual bulb to try and figure out what the heck, I may as well just remove the dang lights altogether.


So that’s what I did… with the help of my trusty scissors. The above image looks like something from an infomercial, “Tired of the old way?” Why, yes! Yes, I am!! 😵

Approximately 7 hours and 3,478(?) branches later, the pre-UN-lit lights were all off and chucked into the garbage. The ‘note to self’ was riddled with expletives and urgent reminders to NEVER EVER consider the option of owning a pre-lit tree.


And hmmmm… This is kind of very anticlimactic after last year’s tree.

Saturday morning William and Greta excavated our house from the inconceivable amount of snow. (Ehhem.)


Meanwhile back inside…. The rest of us were frantically devouring loaves and loaves and loaves of bread that we cleared off the grocery shelves.

“And da milkies!?”


Yes, and the milks!!!!

Actually we were eating iced cinnamon rolls (and knee muffins). Heart shaped icing left over on my plate ~ God’s love is sweet!


The starkness of the divested branches and the crisp blanket of snow contrasted beautifully against the cerulean sky. A cold, but beautiful day.


Gavin & Greta were excited to share the heart-shaped frozen puddle that they found on our side yard! Wow!!!


God’s love is pure!



We decided to get out and get a tree after all. This is the one that Gavin & Greta chose ~


One tree and 3 cups of hot cocoa, please!



We stopped at Home Depot on the way home and met Frosty’s distant little cousin sitting out on a ledge. Looks like he was out on a smoke break ~


Tree home!


Tree up!


Sunday morning sleepy heads ~


Nora and her Kelly cheered for the Bengals while they watched Mommy and Greta decorate the tree. Daddy and Gavin braved the frigid temperatures down at the stadium.


Ta Da!


Monday morning a certain young man ended up at the pediatrician’s office bright and early after a teleconference with Poison Control. Here he is with fluorescent dye to check for corneal abrasions.


“Go brush your teeth.” somehow translated into “Look directly into the nozzle of the Clorox Cleanup (with bleach) and pull the trigger.”


There was nothing serious noted, just a lot of irritation… in more than just his eye, I might add!!!! An antibiotic eye drop was prescribed and he was back at school a short time later.

By evening he was giving his Muthr horsie back rides and playing basketball!



“My brudder is crazy!!!”


Back in October I was invited to my first Origami Owl party by my sweet friend Carrie. This is the beautiful locket I created.


Inside of the locket are my 3 birds. The pink dangle charm is a Rose and the silver dangle charm is an impression of Nora’s big toe that was taken by my sister Sarah when Nora was just moments old. That one was not purchased through Origami Owl, but just an idea of what you can do. (It was from Prairie Creations incase you are interested in something like that. Thanks again for that awesome gift, Julie D!)

For those of you who are not familiar with Origami Owl jewelry, it is locket jewelry that YOU design! You choose everything starting with the locket and chain. Adding the locket contents is the fun part! There are hundreds of neat little charms and dangles to choose from. The finished piece is unique and personal. It is a great way to commemorate a loved one, celebrate your children, or to mark a milestone. It can be any theme or design that you choose. The greatest part is that the charm and dangle trinkets are interchangeable. You can add to your design as you wish or swap out one theme for another. Because of the uniqueness of this jewelry I want to give you the opportunity to check it out. I’ve started up an online jewelry party that Laura A. has graciously agreed to facilitate for me. She can answer questions and help create the perfect locket if you are interested. Give her a “hoot” anytime (859) 653-7874 or lauraa1109@gmail.com.

To check out the products and/or to place an order visit my personalized online party page. You can order any time before December 20th. However, to ensure Christmas delivery, please place your orders by the 14th! Orders will ship 7 – 10 days standard. International orders are accepted and very welcome, but may take a little longer.

Also, please note that this is not a fundraiser for Nora or anything like that. You are under no obligation to buy. I really love the concept of this beautiful jewelry and simply want to share the love! 🙂

Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.
(Psalm 31:24 NIV)

4 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree!!!!

  1. Hi Alesia! I should have sent this to you last week to help in your tree lighting conundrum…
    but try (or just check out at this point) Trim-It-Quick lights. They’re AMAZING. They have a hook system and have separate legs that allow you to decorate any tree real or pre-unlit 🙂 from trunk to tip (including palms if you’re lucky to be in a tropical location). The best part about them is that they seriously only take 5 minutes to un-decorate at the end of the season. I know I sound like a Trim-It-Quick salesman, but I just love them so much… I have to share!!! Check out their site where you can order them online. SOOOO worth it. My entire family (extended included) owns, utilizes, and adores them. http://www.trimitquick.com

    So happy to see your happy and healthy family enjoying the winter weather and cozy season.
    You’re all in my daily prayers! xo

  2. Been there, done that with the cutting off of pre-lit lights, ha ha! No fun indeed. And hey, is that a Hyundai Veracruz? We have one but I hardly ever see any since they apparently did not make many of those models.

    Oh what I would give to be in a warm nest like Nora’s! I’m freezin’ today!! Stay warm! 🙂

  3. Beautiful, beautiful tree & great pics! Anyone heard any more from Ethel? I’ve been praying and so worried about her 😦

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