Nora – 18 Days Old

And God continues to minister to me through the most random of occurrences. This afternoon it came about in the form of a phone call. I’d been asleep, as it was my turn to get some rest. The number on the caller ID was not one I recognized. Ordinarily I silence the ringer, figuring it’s either a prerecorded political message or someone enthusiastically congratulating me on the new home security system I just won and how would I like to pay for that?  But for some reason I picked it up, and I even managed to conjure up a polite “hello?”. The voice on the other end was that of a kindly elderly woman with a slight southern accent. She was calling to ask if I had any donations for the Vietnam Veterans, a collection truck would be in the area next week… I explained that things were a little hectic right now as there was a new baby in the house and that I wouldn’t be able to donate this time around. With sincere joy in her voice, she congratulated me on my new baby and gushed about how babies are such  miracles, such gifts from God. I smiled, debating to myself whether or not I wanted to get into what a miracle this particular little one actually is! The kindness in her voice drew it out of me and I found myself explaining Nora’s condition and her impact on the world to a complete stranger. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with this sweet woman. She shared with me that she and her husband have been married for 55 years. They couldn’t wait to have babies as soon as they got married, but sadly they were never able. She attributes her soft spot for babies to the fact that she was never able to have any of her own.  She considers it a great honor to pray for babies. Our conversation turned back to God and His amazing grace and mercy. She shared with me several accounts of physical miracles she had witnessed in her lifetime, specifically people cured completely from cancer. She reminded me to be thankful, and to praise God for the miracle He has performed as though it were already done. In talking to her I was given a sense of renewed hope and strength, a beautiful Godly perspective and a smile on my face.





I’m cuddled up with baby Nora on my chest, having opted for the first shift of the night. She is so content. I’m certain she feels secure and loved beyond human comprehension. She looks so cozy right here! I’m so very honored to be able to give her that security and love, to fulfill that primal need as her Mommy.

We love because He first loved us. (1 John 4:19)

37 thoughts on “Nora – 18 Days Old

  1. 🙂 No profound words like you…. Just a sincere smile and prayers coming your way for a snuggly AND restfull nights sleep- for ALL of you!

  2. Oh this is such a great story! So thankful you picked up your phone. My spirit feels very warm about this woman and her words. Excited, actually. God is so good!

    Sweet dreams, sweet little Nora!

  3. Baby nora is just so beautiful and sweet! I love her little face! I have been following your blog since her birth and pray for ya’ll daily!!

  4. Thank u thank u thank u. Picturea of Nora make my day. Thank u for sharing such an angel w us. Get some rest.

  5. You are so amazing:) I wish my English was better so I could write how I feel when I read the updates. I wanted to tell you that you are so special to God. Every night I will praying for you and sweet baby Nora.

  6. God Bless little Nora & your whole family. I’m sure she can feel the love~I feel it thru’ your words. She is beautiful and I look foward to the new pictures everyday. HUGS from Iowa!

  7. Just what you need exactly when you need it! For you and your precious family, for me, and for everyone whose life and outlook is being changed by Nora Rose’s story. This blog entry reminded me of God’s great providence Aleisa. We only see pieces of the puzzle but our Heavenly Father sees the whole picture and divinely orchestrates EVERYTHING to work out the way that He intends. This is more than we can even begin to comprehend but it is already so evident that He plans to use this angel on earth for monumental things!!!

  8. I know you never intended to be, but you are such an inspiration to moms everywhere. I would hope that if I were in you position I would be able to handle things with such grace and faith as you are. I’m am in awe not only of your ability to handle such difficult times, but to also be so strong in you faith in a time that would test most people. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to accompany you on this journey.

  9. Thank you for sharing your story! We don’t know you but are friends with the Corey family. We’ve been following since Nora was born.

    It has been a long few months in our family. You words have brought me strength in ways I never thought possible. I’m not sure why we have our struggles but you certainly make me feel like there is a reason and a plan. We pray daily for sweet sweet Nora. God Bless you for sharing.

  10. Celebrating with my family in Disney–but thinking and praying for you—you have touched my soul

  11. What an incredible gift you have been given! I love the picture of Nora with her sister! Today is my birthday, we will be going to Mass as a family- I will offer my Mass for your family. May today you have a day filled with peace and joy!

  12. What this “sweet lady” did for you today, you do for so many every day. Each and every time I get your updates, something you say strikes a cord with something going on in my life. Your updates are so inspirational. From the very simple to the extremely complex, you, your family, and that sweet face of Nora Rose are inspiring people everywhere to embrace life! Thank you and God Bless!

  13. Thanks again for a very wonderful update. I am constantly amazed by the way God works – but I shouldn’t be because our Lord God is present everywhere and with everyone. The various replies from others throughout the world are also very special. Thank you for letting so many of us into your lives as we walk with you in prayer, thoughts, and love.

  14. I just love that sweet Nora face. She is amazing. I was at Lauren Mullins’ house this weekend and we were talking about how Nora makes us want to be better people. I used to walk around without a smile on my face, trying to avoid conversations with people that I wouldn’t normally talk to or that would distract me from things I needed to get done but look what I have been missing out on. There are so many good people out there. I can’t believe how many people Nora has touched in such a short time. She is perfect. Thank God for Nora! I pray for her all the time and my son and I walk by your house almost every day and wrap your house in prayers 🙂 I pray that you and your husband are able to rest, smile and feel peace.

  15. Your words light the way for all of us. As we grow closer to you ,we grow closer to God. You are truly His disciple. Nora has led you to your calling! Keep up the good work!

  16. Just another mom who is being touched daily by baby Nora and inspired by her mama. Thank you. Love & prayers coming to you from Edgewood, KY.

  17. It’s wonderful having a daily dose of Nora Rose. I feel rejuvenated in the comfort of God’s good works. Have a wonderful day with the sweetie and your family. We continue to pray.

  18. God bless you and your family! Your sweet angel is absolutely beautiful! Love reading your blog and seeing your wonderful pictures!

  19. Praying for you today and every time I think of you. I am so grateful that God has placed you in my life at this particular time. What a blessing and inspiration you are! Love to you and your family from us Hoosiers 🙂

  20. i am honored to be able to take my (distant) part in witnessing this miracle here in the flesh! It’s amazing how God can give you what your need right when you need it. i stumbled upon your blog when i needed something….inspiration? hope? I am not sure, but i was begging for a sign. And I found your wonderful, sweet family–and became entranced with Nora. God was speaking–and he got my attention. Just today, after an exceptionally trying afternoon with my “strong willed” 14month old, I had my head in my hands on the verge of tears with frustration at my sweet child–who unfortunately loves to scream at the top of her lungs. Begging God for patience and peace, I look up, and that fiery little baby waddles over to me with arms wide open and plants a big wet kiss on me. That sloppy little kiss was all I needed to see that she is not screaming at me, she is screaming FOR me. God cleared my head and through one small action, allowed me the ability to see this. We are praying for Nora as well as You, William, and your family. The world is praying. And God is working that miracle.

    With love and grace

  21. What a wonderful story. As always, thank you for sharing with the rest of us. Praying that you have continued strength and faith in what is meant to be.

  22. It is certain hat God makes no mistakes, whether it be beautiful Nora or the phone call you received. I myself have been trying to bring myself closer to God recently and thanks to you and your little miracle I feel closer with each of your posts. I pray for you and your family daily. We are all exactly where we should be at this very moment in life. Thank you.

  23. Nora is absolutely adorable… sweet, innocent, precious. Her eyes are full of life and wisdom. Good night to your beautiful family.

  24. Thank you for this! Not just for continuing to allow us (the collective 1,000’s of followers at this point) the opportunity to witness your little miracle; but for reminding me of the good in people. I am all too eager to not answer, to not share, to not open up simply because I feel like people just don’t care anymore. I needed to hear this tonight! Thank you!! !

  25. Dear Aleisa and family,
    You do not know me. For up until now, I have been a silent follower. I first heard about your story when I stumbled upon the photos that Melanie took of Nora’s Birth. I have been hesitant to reach out to you because of our lack of acquaintance. However after having read your story, I just had to say that the way you have handled everything (even in your weakest moments) is one of the most admirable acts of true love and faith I have ever seen in any one person.

    Your story has touched so many lives in so many ways. Although I cannot speak for everyone, you should know that you have the love, support and prayers of all of the “silent followers”. We will continue to surround your family with our quiet prayers and heartfelt love. We are here. Although unseen, our arms are wide open… ready to lift you when you’re weak and carry your back to strength when you need it most. Amidst all of the kisses and hugs that you give to Nora each day, please give her one more from all of us.

    Isaiah 41:10
    Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


  27. What a great story!! It made me cry just to think of how amazing and timely our God is and OOOOHHH how he loves us. Also, to have someone call you, who has had different life circumstances, yet loves God’s gift of our children, whether from our bodies or someone elses. We know from the other end that our bodies carry these beautiful children but soooooo many others can love and help mold them to be their great selves…(if that’s a word) and MARRIED for 55 years makes me REJOICE as well. Prayers for sweet Nora, for you and your family continue….GOD BLESS YOU!!

  28. Thank you for my daily dose of Nora…Nora you are a VERY LOVED little lady!! Such and awesome glimpse of Heaven.

  29. I just can’t help but wonder what her little mind thinks. Taking in the world around her. Oblivious to diagnoses. I bet she is the happiest little thing! Surrounded by SO much love, and can’t wait for cuddling time with mommy, then sissy, then bubby, and then daddy…. then it starts all over again. 🙂

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