Day 83 – April

April. The month starts out overcast with a soft pink hue illuminating the sky. The birds are engaged in their grand orchestral tuning; all is seemingly right with the world. Tucked away in a warm brick house, nestled in the blankets of a cozy bed, embraced from within her mother’s warm body, a tiny little girl begins her day too.


Seventeen more days that I can sustain her and offer her the protection of my body. Seventeen more days of sweet little pokes and kicks. Seventeen more days of precious little hiccups. Seventeen more days to somberly, but joyfully wear this big round belly that would ordinarily imply happy new life!

I take a deep breath allowing the newness of the day to permeate my soul. I exhale the anxiety, the sorrow, the fear the anger, all the ‘what ifs’ and uncertainty of it all…

“For just as the sufferings of Christ flow over into our lives, so also through Christ our comfort overflows. If we are distressed, it is for your comfort and salvation; if we are comforted, it is for your comfort, which produces in you patient endurance of the same sufferings we suffer. And our hope for you is firm, because we know that just as you share in our sufferings, so also you share in our comfort.” (2 Corinthians 1:3-7 NIV)

6 thoughts on “Day 83 – April

  1. Dear Heavenly Father,

    I pray that You would comfort this sweet mother like only You can this morning. I pray that You, the Creator of heaven and earth and everything that is in it, the One Who knit this precious baby together in her mother’s womb would lay Your amazing hands on her once again and make her perfect in every way. I know that we live in a sin soaked world where everything is subject to it but I also know that You said to be of good cheer because You have OVERCOME this world and when You were here physically, You touched and healed ALL who came to you. Your disciples also healed ALL who came to them for help through Your resurrection power. We also know that there is NOTHING that is too hard for You and NOTHING that is impossible with You. Lord I pray that You would answer the deep cries of this mother’s heart and heal her child completely! Lord hear her anguished desire to see her little girl run and play and eat her first birthday cake. Father, I know that You still work miracles everyday because You are the same yesterday, today, and forever. We know this life is very short for all of us and that those who belong to You will one day soon all be made complete and we know that this mother will have eternity to get to be with her and get to know her and that it will be more glorious than we could ever imagine! And we thank You for this very real hope. but I also know that You said You also came so we could have an abundant life here and now and I know that You are our Healer and I know that You are always Stronger and today I am believing You and only You for this childs complete healing. This is the cry of my heart today. In Jesus name and by Whose stripes we are all healed in every way, Amen.

    Aleisa, I hope this prayer is not upsetting to you in any way. I’ve started to erase it several times at the thought of it being that in any way to you but it is so strong on my heart to pray this for you and Nora this morning and my heart is just shattered for yours and I know that this is what I would be screaming out for and am earnestly praying for you and your precious baby girl today. I felt like I needed to obey God and leave it on here. But I know if I were you, I would be a continuous mixed up crazy mess of hope and despair, belief and doubt, peace and anguish. I have to believe in this hope for you today. I know that if for whatever reason He doesn’t allow this to be that He will give you the same amazing grace that He has so evidently been giving you all along to be able to bear it but I am going to continue to pray for her complete healing until He says otherwise. I know we’ve never met in person but please know that my heart aches and hopes with yours.

    All in His love,

  2. Chandra,
    I am in awe of your prayer and your words! So beautiful and so real. I can honestly say that as I read your prayer, I felt it in my heart too; to pray to God for healing for Baby Nora. I have never been so great at creating such well-written prayerful words, so I will be frequently referencing this prayer you wrote!

    I love that verse from Corinthians. It is so true, and for you to be able to exhale the anxiety, fear, etc., and to allow God’s very real comfort surround you is a lesson for us all to remember. Nora is so lucky to have a mother like you, and a father like William. You’ll always be comforted and reassured knowing that you have chosen to let her be exactly who God wants her to be. You are giving her a CHANCE TO BE. For that, God and all of us are so proud of you and your strength in faith. Love you so so so much. I am so glad you are my sister.

  3. As much as I THINK I know what suffering is… I do not. I’m thankful for modern technology as I’ve journeyed with you. I’m humbled and amazed at how God has sustained you. Thank you Aleisa for sharing your story with all of us. You are a true example of Christ. Thank you for allowing Christ to shine through your trial. I pray that He will use you and baby Nora to FURTHER glorify Himself.

    Marlene Stewart (friend of Elizabeth Hazelbaker)

  4. That was beautiful Chandra. I always found it to be intimidating to pray for complete healing for Alex.. to be so bold as to ask for that when the world/logic/statistics says it can’t happen. My heart would sink every time someone said to me they were praying for a miracle. But God is that big. He didn’t heal Alex but he did give us so many glorious days with her. The world said that wouldn’t happen and it did. A miracle.. just not to the extent we hoped. Thinking of you in your last days of the pregnancy and praying for a miracle of your own…


  5. Aleisa, she is here! Her beautiful eyes locked with yours, your nourished her hungry tummy, so many held and kissed her precious face, and was wrapped in her mommy’s gown and arms. Such beautiful pictures you’ve shared with us. It’s 4am and I’m still drawn to my computer screen looking at the same pictures over and over, crying joyfully, and sending praises and prayers to our most wonderful Jesus. Good night and God bless!

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